Faux Postage

25 Aug

Here’s a simple technique that gives a great look to any card…faux postage. The hardest part about this technique is finding a faux postage template…..but not to worry, I’ve included that for your downloading pleasure below! First of all, if you’re not familiar with Faux Postage, here’s a sample I created using the Just B set.

To get started, the first thing you want to do is download the faux postage template.
Faux Postage Template

    Creating an acetate overlay…

1. Print out the sheet of templates onto cardstock.
2. Cut out one of the templates and place a piece of acetate (transparency) over top.
3. Next, with a cutting mat underneath, using your hobby blade, cut out smaller rectangles inside of the lines of the template. I usually do these freehand, no need for them to be exact.

4. You will now have an overlay to use again and again.

    To create the faux postage piece…

1. Lay the acetate mask over the CS faux postage piece. Stamp the image you wish to use in each rectangle.

2. Using a dauber or sponge, dab color onto the stamped image.
3. Remove the acetate mask and there you have it!

Here’s another Faux Postage sample. This one uses the new set Owl Together Now. Accessories include My Way punch, 5/8″ Olive Grosgrain, and Summer Picnic Designer paper. Card measures 5 1/2″ X 5 1/2″.


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