Big Shot Backpack with Scallop Bag Die

4 May

Created by Kathy Alt

I love the way this backpack turned out.  Once you’ve made one, you’ll see how easy it will be to replicate over and over.

  1. Punch out the scallop bag with the Big Shot.
  2. Fold and place sticky strip on the edges, but do not peel off.

3.  Punch 4 holes for the backpack straps.  The top two should be close together and the bottom 2 holes should be near the bottom corners.

4.  Add the ribbon and adhere inside using glue dots.

5.  Peel off the sticky strip and put the bag together.

6.  Punch a scallop circle out of the designer paper cut to desired size and add to the flap.

7.  Use the 3/8” circle punch and punch 2 holes on the top fold for the top strap and insert ribbon and adhere with glue dots or knot the ends.

8.  Add the designer paper to the front of the backpack.

Creating the front pocket:

  • Pocket is 3″ x 2″. Score at 1/4″ and 1/2″ on three sides.
  • Cut bottom 2 corners off.To create the flap, use the wide oval punch to create the rounded edge.  This is done by working the paper so that it comes through the oval opening.
  • Place the pocket together with sticky strip and add the flap.  (You

will more than likely have to cut some of the strip off.)

  • You will need to cut the designer paper strip the same way and

Attach to the pocket before you attach the pocket to the backpack.

  • Add the brads and the Velcro.


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